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pair of single seat bases

06-10-08, 17:14
pair of single seat bases from a y reg panel, black in great condition non swivel

35 each


just found them in the old garage at my parents

06-10-08, 23:21
would love one, but how much with postage if available to north wales ?
cheers Gary..T:

07-10-08, 06:43
I will have one too if you would post the two of them as im in north wales too! Colwyn bay, We can sort something out between us if you want GandT with the postage:)

07-10-08, 09:46
sorry guys one is preliminary sold and i guess it should be first come first served so ill offer the other one to gandt first ill find out postage later today



07-10-08, 11:22
hi guys just got back from the post office the postage will be 10 pounds thats just what they told me for standard parsals hope thats ok


07-10-08, 16:45
MIKE!!!!! damn u.... i was thinking of havin these, and your buckets to.... just had to get the funding lol... can pick them up to! ! ah well snooze you loose i suppose!

edit thought these were the swivels, still got them tho right?

07-10-08, 19:15
mike 07758259908

11-10-08, 16:40
one sold thanks rich any more intrest in the other one


11-10-08, 18:17
still intrested n the seats bud if you can get us a photo and a price.. if not you address and ill pop round seeing as your still probably skiving of work with your "bad back"

12-10-08, 21:43
Hi, just noticed this thread, and the location of the seats! I don't need a seat, but I'm DESPERATE for the seat belt clip (the bit you put the belt into that's bolted to the frame) so if you're replacing your frames, and have a spare one, I would be happy to buy it!

I'm in Plymouth at least once a week so could colllect :)


13-10-08, 19:48
sorry lewis but they are not genuine seats and it is only the base for sale so im afraid i dont have a clip sorry


Eternal Optimist
17-10-08, 19:30
Hiya - have you got a base left? What's your best including post to Reading?