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1.9 Petrol - fuel economy?

07-10-08, 15:07
Hi Guys,

I'm searching for a T4 for a day van conversion, ideally was looking to get a 1.9 TD but have come across a 1.9 petrol, just wondered what the fuel economy is like on these in comparison to the turbo diesel?


Rhosneigr Gaz
07-10-08, 15:13
just to be a pedant it will be 2.0 petrol, although someone mentioned a rarer early 1.8 model?
Fuel wise, combined, driven sensibly, late 20's to early 30's. A bit less for a hdavy camper conversion. Hope this helps!

07-10-08, 16:38
Cheers, about what i expected, think I'll hold out for a diesel