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Merc red/black seats on ebay

08-10-08, 08:23

Item number: 170269400588

In Scotland though! Nothing to do with me but thought they might suit a Scottish member for 150 buy it now, seemed cheap. Thought I'd post it up.T:

11-10-08, 11:26
lol, same seats as I have, bases needed brackets welding to make them fit, but look awesome with my van (as it's red) I managed to get a bit of a bargain by the look of it though as they were a lot cheaper than that.

got them off ebay from a merc garage that were swapping the seats out for a black pair for one of their customers, as his SLK was blue so looked a bit wierd! they were just selling off the old seats and didn't really care what they went for.

very comfy though and have heating elements in.