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Bought a new T4 & found its been clocked!

08-10-08, 15:58
Hello there I am up in north yorks and found what i thought to be a nice va in exeter on ebay,after flying down there driving it back i discovered its been clocked!Any advice on what to do next???

08-10-08, 16:01
How did you discover it was clocked??

Was the van from a dealer or private sale?

08-10-08, 16:07
gutted for you mate far to easy to do this these days.

paul ss
08-10-08, 16:11
its not hard to find out , all the previos m.o.t,s will be online so can check its milage through that etc T:

08-10-08, 16:17
My van was also clocked when i purchased it back last January I have since been in touch with Trading Standards and the guy I bought it off is going to court very shortly. I put a claim against the guy for the real cost of the van I was over charged I think and there was also a problem with the engine. Again trading standards have advised me that I have a very good case for compensation. You can check previous MOTs on here somewere it gives the previous milage to back up your case. I bought it with 94,000 on the clock, it had done 142,000. Hope this helps.

08-10-08, 16:43
MOT history check can be done here

08-10-08, 16:45
just out of interest how do you know that the seller isnt innocent and the clocking wasnt done before he got it?

also how did you discover it had been clocked?

i advise people to look for service reciepts, mot certificates and check the mileages on those see if they tally up.

the guy that sold it to you could be completley innocent, and if you made the purchase through ebay arent they responsible too?

08-10-08, 17:18
I bought mine with a 6 month hole in the mileage. According to the log it had only done 68 miles in those months. I rang the alarm bells but spoke to the leasing company who assured me it had been in storage and then they garaunteed the mileage. I was happy with that. Maybe that will be of some help here but good luck getting it sorted.

08-10-08, 23:24
Cheers for the advice fellas,checked all the MOT certificates when i picked the van up seemed ok,when i got home me n me dad went thru them again n discovered 1 extra MOT certificate hidden in the old reciepts this was the incriminating 1 showing 20,000 more miles than the current MOT,sneaky little ****!Been trying to ring the guy since he wont answer his phone also sent him some pretty abusive txts,tis says to me that he is guilty as charged!I live in yorkshire and hes in exeter if he wasnt so far away I'd go give him a hiding!

Jim Doodle
08-10-08, 23:45
I bought mine thinking it had 96k on the clock, turns out it had 56k on the clock, because its in KM not miles, but the services and record only record miles.

Out of interest what difference does 20,000 miles make to the value of the Van?

09-10-08, 00:48
Looked it up in parkers guide and its around 400,not really the money that bothers me its the cheek of some people!

09-10-08, 07:51
really easy to do doubt ALOT more people are driving round in cars with slightly dubious history..

if you want to get it reset look in yellow pages for "mileage correction" companies...kinda how it was wound back in the first place

Good luck matey :)