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My you tube vid

08-10-08, 22:10
Decided to make a video of stills of vans i have built and thought i would share it with you guys quality of vid not great but it was just a bit off fun to put on you tube heres the link enjoy its a little long and turn it up loud :ILU:

08-10-08, 23:09
thats a coll colection of pictures dude
i loved spotting the changes to each van and seeing so many if different styles:ILU:

09-10-08, 02:39
well done mate, that's cool T:

king marty
09-10-08, 06:36
Good effort there dude, nice builds too! loving it. A:A:A:

09-10-08, 06:48
Cheers guys business has slowed of as you can imagine at the minute so its gave me chance to sit back and enjoy what we have done. Who says the credit crunch has to be all doom and gloom :ILU:

09-10-08, 07:57
Top work, love it............... Great getting the personal pics in there too, really makes a difference.T:

09-10-08, 22:01
Nice vid dude , who's the wierd looking chick with the rubber nose:D:D

09-10-08, 22:05
Thats the wife or you talking about the snow man. Im more concerened at how what your doing when we standing around after surfing haha :)

09-10-08, 22:18
looks like a bit of a blow off going on :eek:

11-10-08, 13:56
great choice of music :D

12-10-08, 15:12
I know Mettalica rule toss up between that and Nothing else matters :ILU: