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Happy bunny

10-10-08, 18:17
My old work van (T4 of course) has been stood for a year (due to my illness) And as I want to sell it, it needed an MOT (ran out in July). I paid one days insurance to get it there but sadly it failed on tyres, exhaust leak no horn and no brake lights. Yesterday I popped down to Dorset to pick up a set of wheels and tyres (Thanks Basherash T: ) and got them fitted this morning, repaired the exhaust, lights and fitted a new horn.
So what have I got? A years MOT :D Anybody want to buy a van??? I: :D

10-10-08, 18:59
No probs Pete, glad you got your MOT and hope you enjoyed the day in sunny bournemouth:cool:
Good luck with the sale!

10-10-08, 19:04
Cheers Ash. What a beautiful day it was :D I think there were more people on the beach than some of the Summer days ;)