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Subaru seats

wind welder
09-10-08, 21:29

I have for sale a set of Subaru P1 seats on swivels, just had the bases painted metallic black.

To see photo's please take a look at ebay auction 170270532721 ,


wind welder
11-10-08, 12:52

These seats can be seen either in :-
Cirencester Glos.
Highbridge Somerset.
Or Yeovil Somerset.

Delivery is possible from any of these places, by arrangement.

Cheers Trev.

11-10-08, 13:02
they look nice
direct link R40%26_trksid%3Dm38%26_nkw%3D170270532721%26_fvi%3 D1

11-10-08, 13:04
first dibs please
regards jarvo

wind welder
11-10-08, 16:17

Or I might be interested in a deal.

I'm after a Lefthand side (near side) single seat for the middle row of seats in the back.

The one with the "H" shaped foot for the mushroom bolts.

the seats I have are velour gray but inka or any colour considered.

Cheers Trev.

wind welder
13-10-08, 08:54
they look nice
direct link R40%26_trksid%3Dm38%26_nkw%3D170270532721%26_fvi%3 D1

Hi oddboy,

Thanks for putting the link in.

I knew it was possible to do just not by me it seems.


13-10-08, 09:28
Damn!!, I am watching these hoping that nobody else was gonna see them on Flea-Bay!! LOL :D Rasp:

I do however have to point out that they aren't P1 seats, (I know as I have a P1 sat in my garage ;) ) but they are defo Impreza Seats, and are actually quite comfy despite their 'bucket' appearance.

Not meaning to pick holes, just wanted to correct a slight error thats all.

Good luck with the sale

wind welder
15-10-08, 12:12
Hi all,

the auction for these unusual seats WITH seatbases is up and running. 5 bids up to now.

I hope you are all forum members.

Cheers Trev.

wind welder
16-10-08, 19:48
tomorrow dinner time.

wind welder
25-10-08, 21:51
Hi Auction ended!
Sold to Jarvo
Via Ebay