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Painted bumper with lower spoiler & chrome grille!

11-10-08, 09:15
Change of mind, this bumper is now For Sale !!!!!!!!

Bumper is now sat in my garage doing nowt, just stuck a deposit down on new mtb so lookin to have a clear out

The painted grille and fog lights will not be included.

All genuine VAG parts - Prices below
Lower front spoiler 267 +vat (313.73)
Lower front bumper chrome grille 86 +vat (101.05)
Original bumper flattened, etch primered, spoiler fitted & painted 300 (was 400 incl rear painted)

Total 700 +

Yours for just 300

Bumper located 2mins off J47 M4, a collection meeting point is negotiable, courier can be arranged by yourself i dont mind packaging the item.

13-10-08, 13:44
This is how it looks in silver, courtesy of Mickey-1001

15-10-08, 21:35
I'm interested, please can I have first refusal.

I will send you pm.:)

20-10-08, 20:31
Still available.........collection welcome anytime :ILU:

28-10-08, 13:07
Offers in the region of..............:ILU:

29-10-08, 18:10
pm's replied

29-10-08, 18:24
Sold to Oscarli pending collection and payment :ILU:

03-11-08, 18:58
Deal done, cheers Rich T:

Mods can delete this now :ILU: