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gearbox filler

12-10-08, 16:55
Dropped the oil,cannot spot the filler.
Can anyone give me a clue to it's location and is there any special method for refilling?

12-10-08, 17:42
Filler is at the front of the box (below the starter motor T: ) The best method for changinge gearbox oil, is to remove the filler plug first ;)

12-10-08, 18:08
Sorry to butt in but is it just a push in plug on the right hand side of the engine bay as I can see a cog through a hole on mine, ive been told that it is just an inspection hole for the fly wheel and not to worry but by coincidence just read this thread, and now i am :(

12-10-08, 20:25
Hope you haven't poured oil all over the clutch :eek:

13-10-08, 06:32
Hav'nt done any work on it, and engine is'nt leaking any where near it, either way do you agree that it is just an inspection hole?

13-10-08, 06:50
Yes! it's for checking the timing T:

13-10-08, 19:49
Thanks for the info rusty,by the way i got my balljoints off,bit of a bu----er.
Got the hub assembly off now to change the boots etc.