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Wife Thinks She Is A Widow

12-10-08, 23:20
hi just thought id give you an update on my hectic week.
monday i cut the windows out bonded and clamped the gap shut and dropped of trimming
tuesday bonded in windows fitted sound deadening in doors
wednesday finished of the sound deadening started to prime and sand down the bed
thursday had night off this made wife happy until i started to carpet the underseat of the bed she says she is now a single parent!!!!
friday picked up trimming fixed the exhaust ans started the full service painted and lacquered the bed base
saturday gave her a full polish thats the van not the wife!! stuck her transporter stickers on thanks to daz
sunday today was the big day she got dropped 50mm finished of the service fitted b post blackouts and fitted her with her new bra wifes feeling realy neglected and expects me to go shopping and buy her bras now!!!
just waiting for me new wheels which should be here wednesday then im already to go for the Brighton Breeze cant wait!!!!

Big thanks to Gary for giving up his lunch breaks to help me make bits for the van much appreciated even if you do ride a big girls bike and drive a renault!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mw

13-10-08, 09:02
is that all ? what you been doing man LOL:

13-10-08, 10:49
That is quite a list!!
Take her out camping in it. (the wife of course) She may even get into helping you with the customizing! If not, she may appreciate the work you have put into it. T:
We need pics!!!