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Grinding Noise at the front!!!

Daz in Guz
13-10-08, 17:20

Can anyone help?
I've got a grinding noise at the front of my T4 - Me and SplitMike thought it might have been the brakes or a bearing, but a friend seemed to think it might a CV joint???

So managed to get it into the garage and they've looked at it at thought it may be the gearbox, so they took it to a transmission specialist who said they didn't think it was, so even the mechanics are stumped and they say the drive shaft is fine and there is no visible play in the bearings!

Have any of you got any ideas?

Please help

Daz :confused::confused::confused:

13-10-08, 21:04
I have what sounds like a grinding noise on the near side front, I have had the gearbox rebuilt, replace top and bottom swivels, replaced wheels bearing and drive shaft, noise is still there. It only happens in first and second (under acceleration, pull away gently and it's not there :confused: ). I think it is the top suspension arm bush, tramping under acceleration as there is nothing else it could be, the noise is definitely in the wheel area not the gearbox :(