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Ferry Tickets for 2009

13-10-08, 20:45
Just found out that Sea France (http://www.seafrance.com)have anounced their 2009 Dover - Calais schedules and prices. Maybe now's the time to get next summer's holiday crossing(s) booked.

By the way I see in Camper & Commercial magazine that it is now mandatory to carry a High Vis jacket when motoring in France just like a lot of other EU countries so don't get caught out.


13-10-08, 20:57
Wait till Jan when Norfolkline put their fare out. Much cheaper for T4's ;)

14-10-08, 08:37
56 return in august 09 on sea france. Classed as 5.1 metre motorhome no trailer.

14-10-08, 09:09
38 return July-August T4 with top box and rear box T:

14-10-08, 09:10
To qualify as a camper do you have to have side windows? And does it have to be changed with the DVLA?

The only reason i ask is that i have a panel that im doing a conversion on at the moment and id rather not put windows in mine.

If mine doesnt qualify as a camper, would the price diffrence for crossing's be that much?


(ps - Sorry if i have Hi-jacked your thread sir )

14-10-08, 10:56
Be careful! If you book as a camper but have no windows, they may think it is a van when you tun up at the docks and may charge you accordingly. If it is classed as a camper or minibus with DVLA then it shows up on their records from your vehicle registration

14-10-08, 11:00
Norfolkline only ask for the vehicle dimensions
i.e. under 5m and lower than 2.4 meters is classed as a car

14-10-08, 12:40
Norfolkline only ask for the vehicle dimensions
i.e. under 5m and lower than 2.4 meters is classed as a car

:D That's why I use them. Book early (Jan) to get the best discounts, they will even put you on an earlier ferry if you arrive early ;)

Rhosneigr Gaz
14-10-08, 13:07
i just tried to get a quote for a Santander crossing in may but not poss yet, hoping to book early and get it cheaper than last years 400!
But we really enjoyed the cruise over last year, that boat is something else!
Portugal here we come this time!

14-10-08, 14:00
Thanks for the reply's. Once i have finished my van i think i may look into changing it to a camper with the DVLA - From what i understand you can get some good deal on insurance too.


14-10-08, 17:13
sorry to highjack this thread but what do i have to do with dvla now mine has been converted ?
regards jarvo

14-10-08, 17:26
Jarvo https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=16405&highlight=dvla

and https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=15679&highlight=dvla


14-10-08, 17:29
jarvo, you may find some info on the DVLA website. try this....


give them a call, i found them very helpful when i did mine.....but it might take several weeks so don't leave it too long if you need the changed V5 in a hurry.