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urgent seat help needed

14-10-08, 16:58
yes i will subscribe tonight! right this minute though i need some help! as i'm sat in the back of my van struggling with some seats!

will a 1996 front drivers seat fit a 1992 base? i've removed my passenger bench fine however the drivers seat is being an absolute ! and by the looks of it its different to the bottom of the new seat i have

if anyone can help please reply to this :D

thanking you!

gazza g
14-10-08, 17:20
hi the bases are different on 90/96 to the 96/03
cheers garyT:

14-10-08, 18:25
nightmare :D

one bolt away from being sorted!

14-10-08, 19:16
all sorted. bit of brute force and a hammer! done deal. runners are stiff as you like but it doesnt need moving now its in place!

14-10-08, 21:00
The fun you can have with a van and a hammer A: good job A: