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T5 bits

blue juice
14-10-08, 21:46
Hi all, I have some bits for a t5,

rear bulkhead, metal carpeted.

side step

6 x kombi seat plates

6 x d rings and plastic plates

16" vw wheel trims

clear side repeaters

passenger seat base single

3/4 load mat

please give me a shout if interested.



15-10-08, 16:04
Hi there I might be interested in the single seat base and clear side repeators.

Are you willing to post and if so how much?

15-10-08, 19:36
could i have second dibs on the seat base please.


blue juice
15-10-08, 21:34
sorry guys,

looks like the seat base has gone already.

21-10-08, 13:13
Might be interested in the bulkhead if your ever around leeds area?