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inca front seats , single and double with bases

15-10-08, 10:52
should be picking up my new seats tommorow so will have a set of front seats from t4 for sale .
they are inca trim , no rips/burns etc . in good condition just need a little bit of a clean , but will do this if i get chance . both bases are included as well as the centre 3 point belt .

looking for 170 ono

also have a caravelle rear seat in blue cloth , that i have cut the legs off and welded a box section frame underneath .

looking for 50

i'm based in reading , but can possibly deliver/meetup for the price of diesel .

may take px , i'm after a badgeless grill , sound deadening , insulation , good quality carpet in black or grey , locking mechanism for a carravelle sliding window , front passenger seatbelt , any rear interior window trim parts from a caravelle etc . why ?


Eternal Optimist
15-10-08, 13:40
Is the rear seat in the blue diagonal stripe?

Lawn Boy
15-10-08, 15:02
Hi,Interested in the two fronts,first offer please,sent you PM

Thanks Nige

16-10-08, 16:23
pm's replied to .

the carvelle seat is in the blue diagonal cloth mate .


16-10-08, 16:25
pics on request


Eternal Optimist
18-10-08, 19:32
pm'd you with my email re pics of the caravelle seat - had a chance to sort anything out yet?


28-10-08, 00:29
140 for the single and double and i'll chuck in the other caravelle seat for free


Eternal Optimist
28-10-08, 09:13
I've pm'd you re the rear seat

Rising Sun Campers
30-10-08, 15:42
Are these sold yet?? I want some!

31-10-08, 20:00
the caravelle rear is most probably sold .

have both the fronts left


Eternal Optimist
31-10-08, 20:48
Are you around this weekend for me to take a look at the rear seat?



03-11-08, 18:33
sorry mate , been to busy last weekend . this weekend should be fine though .


Eternal Optimist
03-11-08, 21:40
No problem - pm me your phone number and I'll give you a buzz to fix something up