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Should I

15-10-08, 17:26
Hi all, new to this forum, at the moment i have a T2 and was thinking of changing to a T4, has anybody done this and regreted it, are there many more advantages with a T4. Thanks,

15-10-08, 17:35
Hi Slug,firstly welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay. We are T2 converts and can honestly say we have never regreted it. Being able to cruise down to the coast in a couple of hours doing a decent speed and not having to worry about overheating is great.

Have a couple of friends who are about to convert to T4 living from a T2 also as they now have a toddler and are struggling with the space.

So i'd recommend it to anyoneT:

big iain
15-10-08, 17:36
i went from a 1955 splitty, slamed, 2.1 engine, irs'd, porsche wheels and brakes to a t4

loved my split!!! i did a huge a mount of work to it and enjoyed it loads, but got to a point wher i had done what i wanted with it. sold it for a small fortune and bought a t4. now on my 3rd t4 and wldnt change back!!!!!
love the way i can just decide to jump in my t4 and drive wher ever i want and not worry, not hav to take a tool kit with me every time.(toutch wood)

15-10-08, 18:31
Welcome to the forum Slug, get a T4 you will love it, power steering, heater that works, brakes that stop you, gear stick that goes where it should, lots of space inside, and a great forum. T:

15-10-08, 20:47
both have good and bad points so have 1 of each i have . well actually ive got more than 1 of each but thats a differant story I:

15-10-08, 23:18
hi and welcome to the forum. and your asking that question on the T4 forumLOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:s orry just struck me funny.LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:

15-10-08, 23:22
welcome slug, i had a '74 bay for about 5 years and had a great time with it - the bay is great for camping and looks and sounds well, like a classic but of course the down side with a thirty something years old vehicle is the sheer amount of work needed to stop it all falling to bits. the t4 is a huge improvement all round technically on the T2, and who knows in another twenty odd years people will be drooling over white T4 panel vans and window vans (well, maybe?). i went over to the T4 for proper job heating! yeah, real heater comfort for the winter! and the idea of learning something new......

16-10-08, 00:01
well slug before my t4 i spent 6 years with my freind on his t2 and he help me on my s1 landrovers a life time plesure of mine, i helpt him on beetles /splittis,as he helpt me,i had to buy one ,it was a diferent erea t4 is the new age traveller38 to gall power stering and no tool box , jhoner groats to lands end on a tank,i had to have one , spend all my time now with t4 garage is full plus garden go for it you will never look back cheers dave.

16-10-08, 12:18
I got shot of my old bay for my T4. Never regretted it.
Loved the old bay but needed reliability, warmth and something that wasn't a constant drain on the wallet.
T4 provides 2 of the 3 but the at least the wallet draining is only on tarty bits T:

big bazza
16-10-08, 15:23
i really regret selling my t2 bay window,as my t4 dont put that big grin on my face which my old slammed bay used to,a t4 aint got no soul,but on the other hand its quiet,ultra reliable,it has 5 gears ,power steering and a decent heater.
dont get me wrong i really like my t4 and they look the nuts done up but they'll never be as cool as a split or a sorted bay,ill have another,one day when the funds allow:ILU:

16-10-08, 16:43
I sold my 74 bay and got my T4 a few months ago. Not regretted it at all. Did love the bay but the new ones a lot better, more space, quicker etc etcH:
Would love to have an old bay too to be honest, maybe one dayA:

16-10-08, 17:03
Well it looks as if the old bay(Slug) may go then :( I would miss the
grin factor but not the wallet drain. A big thanks to everyone who
took the time to answer my question, thanks everyone Steve.