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Am I the only person this sad?!

16-10-08, 11:00
I just received my new tax disc this morning and when I opened it I was disappointed that it wasn't the same colour as my van! I know you can't pick the colour but the last one was red and looked quite smart.

I'll go back to my stamp collecting now! I:

16-10-08, 11:05
not just you, I used to make the treck to the dvla office because they printed the details rather than hand writting them at the post office. Wanna swap any stamps H:

16-10-08, 11:41
Oh dear, there are two of you!H:

16-10-08, 12:01
No theres 3 of us, i was well happy last time i taxed my van as it was a blue disc.... ok ok i no i need to find a job. T:

16-10-08, 13:19
Oh dear, there are two of you!H:


All tax discs should be green :D

16-10-08, 13:42
jamaica blue is the colour:ILU:

16-10-08, 14:07
actually, Ice blue, if you please I:

16-10-08, 14:53
gun metal grey like my roomster!

16-10-08, 19:08
Your not the sadest by far, someone on here wants to see pictures of front seats.

16-10-08, 19:37
I saw that, thought about posting up a picture of my bog standard seatsH:
Then I thought thats just silly:rolleyes:

16-10-08, 19:57
i'm just going to respray my van each time I:

18-10-08, 07:23
You could just join the elite and spray your van black. Then the printing always matches, even though the colour of the disc changes! I:

18-10-08, 10:19
id prefer them to be transparent then maybe we could see what the robbing bas**rds spend the money cause it certainly aint the roads