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Pop Up Roof

16-10-08, 18:09
I'm looking to get my T4 a nice new roof conversion and stumbled across a little problem.
I was going to go for a Reimo pop up but have been told of a so called new and better one than the Reimo, and it's still made in Germany.
Has anyone herd of SCA or got a web link as i'm trying to do a little research on them. I know they cost a little more, got more head height and suposed to be stronger, but, i want some more info about them.
I have seen one at Freebird Conversions (near Winkley nth Devon) and must admit they do look better, but, has anyone got any feedback on them for me........please......:cheers

16-10-08, 18:31
i also seen one at freebird and to be honest apart from the roof cutout i coudnt notice any differance,
still went for a reimo myself though

16-10-08, 19:22
Cheers guys,will check out mad and see what the score is, but, i've still got to get to the bottom of these other roofs T:

16-10-08, 20:05
Give Torbay Conversions a shout real pleased with mine................as somebody else has asked via pm i will re post a elevating roof thread

Arthur at MAD also does a cracking job.........

17-10-08, 09:04
:cheers again guys. I hear Torbay conversions use these SCA roofs so hopefully will manage to decide soon between the Reimo or SCA ...............:dunno: T:

17-10-08, 12:35
forgot to ask you kustomkulture wether you went for the Reimo or the sca ?

17-10-08, 14:00
my reimo was also done by torbay,by far the cheapest when i was ringing around.more than pleased with the end result,

18-10-08, 09:26
eany meany miny mo think i'll be different and go with sca, i quite like the sound of it being 7" heigher roof space when erected and, well, everyone has a Reimo LOL:
Will let you know how it goes after it's all done

matty c
18-10-08, 09:48
I've got my T5 booked in at Freebird for an sca roof and its being fitted next friday. I'll let you know what I think in two weeks when I get it back. Must admit I didn't know which to go for either but I've seen the sca being fitted and it looks like a much stronger construction!

18-10-08, 17:16
A: That's exactly what i thought about the sca, just wasn't too sure about the piece that's fixed to the front above the windscreen but have ordered one to be fitted by stuart soon i hope. will be looking forward to your reply when you get your T5 back. T: