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Stopping my van getting nicked!

17-10-08, 18:27
For the next couple of weeks I have to park my van in a park and ride car park, (very dodgy). The thing is, I dont have any central locking/immobiliser on my van. As a basic method of anti-theft, does anyone know of a fuse I can pull out to stop the van being started?

I have no owners manual so I cannot identify which fuse does what. Is there a main fuse for the ignition/starter motor for example?

Thanks for any help.


17-10-08, 18:45
No fuses on critical items like starters / ignition etc

Is yours petrol or diesel?

17-10-08, 18:52
there is a fuse that will stop your van starting,,,,

my van wouldnt start few weeks ago, 19td it twas turning over but not firing, got bit worried at the time, but always check cheapest things i checkedall the fuses 1 at a time, 1 was blown, changed it and the van started straight away....A:A:

only thing is i cant remember which 1 it was,,,,

i suggest taking 1 fuse out at a time and turn engine over, 1 of them will defo stop your van starting....T:T:

i thought at the time that it is a good cheap way of immobilisingI:I:

17-10-08, 18:52
Take the battery out and put it in the van somewhere else. T:

17-10-08, 18:55
Sorry, lack of detail. Mine is a 2.5 tdi 2001.

I thought about pulling all the fuses one at a time, but I haven't got the radio code.

17-10-08, 19:10
:)hi cvh and welcome if you look on ebay they sell a battery cut off switch to fit on the battery + terminal and is normally a removable key affair (think they sell em in halfords as well and prob maplins)

to keep the stereo and clock settings you just need to loop a fused wire around it ! let me know if you need more help it really is a 10 minute job and works really well!

(did it on my beach buggy for obvoius reasons!:eek:)

18-10-08, 10:27
id just take the bus to the park and ride LOL:

20-10-08, 18:17
Cheers Guys,

I put a "Police Aware" sticker on the windscreen. Worked like a dream, van was still there this evening!!!!! Result.;)

20-10-08, 22:53
Cheers Guys,

I put a "Police Aware" sticker on the windscreen. Worked like a dream, van was still there this evening!!!!! Result.;)

lmao did you really??? thats funny as f:c

21-10-08, 00:05
Qucker than taking your battery out take your steering wheel off n take it home with you,only 1 nut in the middle take you 5 mins to pop it on in the morning!:)

21-10-08, 06:31
if its a auto fuse 14 will kill it.

21-10-08, 07:13
Not sure about 'Police Aware' (if it wasnt a joke).

Its a sure sign to others that the vehicle has been abandoned and will lead to it being stripped, windows stoved in, and burned.

Two ideas Ive seen are to fit a removable steering wheel and take it with you (I have done this) or fit a swivel base and twist the seat round and padlock in the reverse position. ...I am too dumb to have thought of that, I think its excellent!

When I needed to park overnight at a tube carpark once I phoned the parking company who were quite happy for me to leave it there, and actually thanked me for telling them. They did patrols and had cc tv, but becuase I had told them specifically about my van they knew it was meant to be there, and kept an eye on it. So maybe worth a call to the PandR company and park it near the cctv? Added piece of mind?

23-10-08, 21:53
Now there's someone thinking outside the box!

23-10-08, 21:56
Safecraker, what does fuse 14 control? I don't have a manual yet.


24-10-08, 09:20
Try this link:

You could disable the fuel pump, or engine electrics, but personally I would leave these well alone.

Hope it helps:)