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Fitting a window in the sliding door?

20-10-08, 19:22

i'm loooking about for a lwb van with the window in the sliding door so I can put some seats in the back, so far I've seen a few but they are all expensive, so i'm wondering if its possible to retro fit a window. Anyone out there ever done this or seen it done??



20-10-08, 19:31
do a search on here,loads of people have fitted windows including myself just recently:)

20-10-08, 20:32
i think nearly everybody on here has fitted or had windows fitted. these guys supply complete with instructions or fit aswell and they are top guys very very helpful.

20-10-08, 20:34
yes ill second vansport all my glass comes from them

20-10-08, 22:18
I'd recommend Vansport as well. Had my windows fitted by them last week. Left the van with them at 9:00, borrowed their courtesy car and spent the day just taking it easy driving around sight seeing (it was warm and sunny). Picked the van up just after 5:00 and all completed. Very helpfull guysT:

20-10-08, 22:39
Excellent thanks, I did a search on this site but came up with a huge amount of threads to trawl through - probably not using hte right search criteria.
Anyways, those kits look reasonable, couldn't drag any info off their site on fitting instructions though, is it an angle grinder job or more involved?
Ta for the help so far.

21-10-08, 21:52
Van Sport Give Fitting Sheet With The Kit Simple Job To Do With A Hole Saw And A Jig Saw. T: