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air con leak?

lucy carvan
20-10-08, 19:45
Just got an 02 caravelle after 10yrs of T4s and I'm addicted! Novelty of aircon not worn off yet but just come back from 600mile round trip to cornwall this weekend to find pasenger footwell soaked! No rain at all there and back so I'm a bit thrown as to what it can be any suggestions?

loud ed
20-10-08, 20:18
passenger wasnt taken short by any chance and didnt mention itI:

20-10-08, 21:27
You'll have an evaporator somewhere inside the car, usually inside the passenger side dashboard, looks like a little radiator, water forms on the evaporator when the aircon is running and should drain away to the outside, if the drain gets blocked it can overflow into the vehicle.

Can be hard to get to the evaporator as its usually tucked away in the heating ducting, if you have trouble finding it look for the pollen filter which can sometimes be near it and the silver aircon pipes where they go through the bulkhead, or look under the vehicle as you can sometimes see the drain.

Theres also a heater matrix in there which is different, check if this is leaking by checking your coolant level, if its low then the heater matrix could be leaking, and if the liquid in the footwell tastes sweet then its prob antifreeze which means the matrix is leaking - although taste at own risk and only by dabbing it on your finger in it and then on your tounge - won't hurt you but I can't recommend it lol.

Can't be more specific as I never worked on a T4 air con system but seen this alot in cars

Air con itself doesn't leak liquid, it leaks gas which won't make carpet wet.


lucy carvan
20-10-08, 21:51
cheers for the replys , I'll mention to my wife your thoughts but I'll try the evaporator option first!

21-10-08, 08:59
Behind the cowl in the middle console there is a drain off pipe that connects via a T piece
to a pipe going thru the floor.

check this first as its an easy fix if its that.

lucy carvan
21-10-08, 20:49
Spot on! removed glove box and central cowel, drain pipe all backed up and over flowing!
drain hole full of muck but now runs freely. many thanks for the great advice. A: