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3 Piece Rear Bumpers

21-10-08, 23:47
Anyone removed their rear bumper corners?
The bracket down side of my drivers side corner is broken, so now it's just held on by the little plastic pin by the tailgate edge...
How does that pin come out, then? Have tried pulling on it with no joy & don't wanna force it... :confused:

22-10-08, 00:14
hay stinkbommer how you doing , well ive helped on the front of your van so i hope i can help on thr rear as for brackets tthere shoud be none as rear bummper is all in one,
ill have to see the prob before i can help sorry
glastombuery is off for the famiy as ats gunna cost me a grand as ive to pay for kids as they are over 13 but ill be there , hope to see you on some rallies be for to catch up and have a laugh.
cheers dave

22-10-08, 12:57
Hi Dave!
Mines the older type which is in 3 sections...

See yer soon! :D