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T4 lwb for spares

12-11-12, 06:49
I've git a 1997 lwb T4 that i need gone because I've now lost storage as my work is closing down. Its for spares as i have started to strip down the front as i was going to remove the engine.
Its got the 2.4 diesel motor with if o remember right only about ...... Miles on the clock.
The engine was running ok about 1yr ago when i drove it 2 miles to where it is now.
Plenty of usable parts.
Its gotta go soon.
Inbox me for details, pics etc.

15-11-12, 13:38
Hi do you have rear rubber load mat?

15-11-12, 14:35
Hello, are you trying to move this along in one lump? Are you really in the Channel Islands? :D:eek:

18-11-12, 18:22
hi, do you have a complete lock set? (both front doors, one sliding door and tailgate (with key)
its a 1997 if that makes any difference.

Many thanks.

18-12-12, 16:28
Do u still have tailgate bud?

02-01-13, 18:03
do you have the passenger side door seal still?

03-01-13, 12:13
If the van had barn doors, would you supply the full lock set and ignition barrel assuming they are all good and use a single key?

I REALLY need these but cant afford new... Cash waiting!

03-01-13, 12:26
Hi mate. Do you have heater controls from dash ??? Will they fit my 1999 ?

17-01-13, 21:30
Do you have a complete pollen filter assembly for a short nose 1.9 td?