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Seats - a newbie needs advice!

23-10-08, 16:47
Hi all,

I have just joined the forum after having bought a T4 LWB about 6 weeks ago. Usually drive an MR2 so very different but have already fallen in love with it - parking is a whole new experience!

Wanted to pick your brains:D....

Currently have a double and single seat in the front and want to get rid. From a 2000 model and in good nick what is a realistic price I can achieve?

Also seen some black recaro's from a beemer - how easy is it going to be to get them in on a swivel plate for the pax side and a normal plate on the drivers?

Thanks in advance :ILU:

23-10-08, 17:05
Hi Dubbins,
Welcome to the forum.A:

Seats is a subject well covered here and in the customising tech section a quick search i this forum brings this thread:

Seems no seat fit directly but many fit with some light modification. :eek:H:

Have fun

Rob Jane and Dennis sporting Imprezza seats.

23-10-08, 19:39
any pics ?

23-10-08, 20:05
Of the van or the seats?!

24-10-08, 10:20

I did the same earlier this year (bought a LWB).

I got 100 for my front double and 40 for the drivers seat (kept the base).

I bought flat steel bar and made adaptors to fit MG ZR seats which was simple enough but wore out some drill bits doing it!

Make sure you use some big strong high tensile bolts for your own safety though.

I used M10 nuts & bolts from

24-10-08, 13:29
Thats great - thanks for the advice. Quite fancy some TT seats but most seem to be breakers in the north and I am on the south coast. :( Will keep searching. How do the MG seats look?

Would you say the best place to off load the seats would be e bay or on here?

24-10-08, 20:38
Will sort some more pics out and post as the previous owner did a nice fit out. So far just have this one. Keep it as my phone screen saver and when I am having a really :c day at work just have a quick look at that and think about getting away.....:cool:

24-10-08, 20:42
yo man thats a nice van
if you know of any car parks in brighton that you can fit in let me know cause im down the road from you in worthing and always have to get the train cause my van wont fit in

24-10-08, 21:03

What's your van like, often drive over that way to see family so will keep an eye out for you :ILU:

I know a giant free car park.....Portslade! LOL: I park it on road which i am sure :c the residents off a treat but I live in the centre of Brighton :eek: Does worry me leaving it there but no choice at the mo :(

24-10-08, 22:15
my van is black/charcoal grey
some people like to argue about it
it has 18" rs4's on and a limo black tinted back window
there will be a ginger kid driving! haha

where is that in portslade?
i could drive there and train it in from there
abit dodgy parking right in brighton, i see traffic c:cts around all the time

24-10-08, 22:26
Anywhere off the main drag through it. I just jump on the bus at the end of new church road, they run every 10 mins and takes about that to get to Churchill square :ILU:

Van sounds cool I will keep an eye out! Bout the rear window - d'you think thats preferable to getting the side ones done? Def need more light in the back but not sure which one best to do.

24-10-08, 22:29
ah sweet!
ill do that from now on

if you see me beep like mad and flash your lights!

i dont have windows in my sliding door
i want the back to be as dark as possible cause i got tools and motorbikes and BMX in the back of it, dont want any pikeys coming along and seeing

25-10-08, 01:43
On the subject of your old double seat, I would be very interested in taking that off you hands. Currently have two captains chairs and in need of the extra seat!


25-10-08, 08:57
i forgot to say
if you want another single seat i got 1 you can just have