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Anyone got a ipod touch?

23-10-08, 18:30
i am thinking of getting one for the van.

The kids can watch films on it and i can put loads of tunes on plus if i get a site with wifi i can mess.

I did use my laptop originally but the lid just broke so it wont fold.

Plus it may be easier to conceal the touch.

Any views?

Matt T4
23-10-08, 19:16
Thinking of getting one myself, have a mate who has one. Good film quality but could be hard to watch if more than one kid tryng to view it.
Personally I use my laptop on camping trips, much bigger screen, but still want ipod touch as they are a cool bit of kit!

23-10-08, 19:22
I got a touch and its a great piece of kit,the wifi comes in handy for emergency access to the web if you are having internet withdraw symptons, but i can't do a long internet session on it the keyboard is quite fiddly....or i could just have sausage fingersI:

23-10-08, 21:02
love mine but only really use it in my shop sitting on a bose speaker stand, bit of a waste really a nano would do the same job

23-10-08, 21:13
Love my ipod touch, dont have any tune on it as all the space is used for family guy, american dad and southpark at the mo!
find it handy for train/bus travel but now i have my t4 I intend to use my laptop with a usb powered hard drive which has loads of films in the van if I want to watch anything. Still going to keep the touch as its too cool and comes in handy when carrying a laptop about is too much hassle

23-10-08, 22:09
Would definately recommend a touch dude... Got two now as I filled my 16gb one up with ease... Bought a 32 one now and tbh its the one to get if you've got alot of music... Best thing is that if you manually manage you're music, you pinch tunes off other peoples hard drives without registering to their pc... (only possible 5 times i think) It may cost that much more, but worth it in the long run...

Find the battery lasts about half hour longer when browsing the net on the 32 too... One more piece of advice, if you've got a head unit with a 'ipod' hook up, same connection as the white apple usb wire, then look for a cable that hooks up through the earphone socket... This allows you to browse ur music through the ipod rather than messing around with the head unit itself... ( NIGHTMARE!!!! :eek:) Should also allow you to watch films on the touch through the car system..

Hope that makes sense LOL:

Jono :ILU:

24-10-08, 08:11
mines a 16g i thought they only came in 8g and 16g but then mine is about a year old, is the 32g a newer one?

24-10-08, 16:46
mines a 16g i thought they only came in 8g and 16g but then mine is about a year old, is the 32g a newer one?

Came out towards the end of the summer i think... Or around that time... Was really gutted when they bought it out as I'd only just got mine... Would of never bothered with the 16g one... There's no difference in them at all except more memory... T:

25-10-08, 09:12
Good Advice from Viper about the head unit.. we got an alpine headunit in our van with a halfrauds i-pod adaptor, it's really good becuase it charges the ipod wile you use it but wile it's plugged in you can't do anything with the i-pod, it just plays off the music listed in your playlist/album and you skip using the headunit.
Ive got the 16Gb touch (32 wasn't out at the time) use it every day either playing games, movies, or games and without a doubt i'd buy another. Only it would really pay off to get the 32Gb, mines packed as it is with music vids and movies (Blazing Saddles T:).
They are so good. even the Applications you put on them, i got a guitar, bass guitar, and drum kit on min, i've got the Ipint of carling The Ipint of beer and the Imilk... which are pointless but have such a novelty, the possibilities are endless, even more so if you hack them


25-10-08, 14:14
Would recommend hacking them... Hacked my 16 and started to modify and customize little things like the battery bar and the charging symbol etc... Still got the link saved on my computer and the program if anyone wants it... Doesn't work every time tho and some people have said that it freezes their touch making it pack in completely... Mine worked first time, so its up to you...

Jono :ILU:

25-10-08, 14:26
oh another toy for the I

03-11-08, 13:54
Well i got a ipod touch and went away around Scotland last week. I put all my tunes on it and some films for the kids and it was spot on. Battery brilliant.

I just used the old screw holes from the AA and a cover i ordered off ebay to mount it.

Both kids sat in the front with me and where fine watching it. Especially when it dark.