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led strip lights

23-10-08, 23:26
Hi,anyone no where i can buy some strip lights for inside my van ,led type, seen some on ebay,but would be nice to see them in the flesh,checked out my local halfords but all they do is the prism type .wondering if theres anywhere around Bmth/Soton area.cheeres Mark.

24-10-08, 05:08
Try http://www.leisurefayre.com/ in Lyndhurst
or Towsure in Southampton

24-10-08, 06:12
got a Maplins near by, they always stock a fair amount.T:

24-10-08, 19:40
live just down the road from lyndhurst will try them ,cheeres mate.

24-10-08, 20:03
Hello mate just bought some of the spiro ones on here,http://www.rainbowconversions.co.uk/Equipment/Lighting/lighting.htm#strip look really good

Soft But Happy
24-10-08, 20:17
ikea do some to T::ILU:

loud ed
24-10-08, 20:22
look at my avatar they were ebay specials theve got more features than the halfords ones and the cables are long enough to even fit a long wheelbase and they have been on for over 2 years

24-10-08, 21:24
ed me old mukka gis a link to the correct ones bud. cheers budT:

24-10-08, 22:56
I've bought them from China through Ebay, without any issues. I'd recomend that route.

24-10-08, 23:29
How about these at Ikea?

25-10-08, 14:09
hi everyone thanks 4 all the links etc ,bought some this mornning at leisure fayre lyndhurst,bit on the pricey side but hay didnt need to travel far and its always nicer to see wot your buying,cheeres mark.T:

25-10-08, 14:18
remember to show us the results when your finnished!