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T4 Conversion From LHD to RHD

26-10-08, 16:59
My first post here so be understanding please.
Just brought a van/T4 ,which happens to be LHD with power steering .

What do i need to have from a RHD machine to complete the conversion ??
A list would be helpful .

Thanks in advance AZIM

26-10-08, 17:04
Why not keep it as a left hooker?? :confused:
It's gotta be cheaper, even with the added insurance.

26-10-08, 17:26
Im finding it hard to gauge the width of the vehicle down narrow streets with on coming traffic .

Its also my first trip in to vans .

26-10-08, 17:42
give it a couple of weeks mate and you'll soon get used to it, i did T:
now i can go from rhd to lhd without even thinking about it :ILU:

paul ss
26-10-08, 17:43
i would sell it and buy a r.h.d van cause if im honest its so much hassle converting a vechile from l.h.d to r.h.d it .

i went into the cost years ago regarding taking my car to canada and was going to end up costing me twice what the car would be to buy .

26-10-08, 19:38
would have to agree with both posts above i have a lhd bay and rhd t4 and can drive both with no trouble its amazing how quick you will get used to it .
that said if you cant get used to it then i would sell it and buy rhd as it would cost a small fortune to convert it

26-10-08, 20:21
I accept if i was gonna do it paying for a garage to do the work and buy the parts from a from a specialist breaker it could cost me a small fortune .

I can do all the mechanical work myself thus saving on labour costs.
Also im a sucker for learning the hard way .

Lets say just to humour me,what would i need to do the conversion and what can i re use ??.

paul ss
26-10-08, 20:37
not been funny but if you need pepole to tell you what you may require you should not be taking on such job .

hers few i can think of top of my head

new pedal box if old cant be removed in good condition but even still could require rhd .
new dashbored,glove box etc
new steering rack ( dependining )
wiring aint that much of a problemneed many hours work or new rhd wiring harness .
someone with good welding skills
brake and clutch master cylinder will need relocating
new set of head lights
possibly wing mirrows not sure
then you got to think about air bags etc
speedo cable

thats just of top of my head so probley fair few bits i missed out T:

26-10-08, 20:38
You can re use the steering wheel though I::D

Luck Dave
26-10-08, 21:07
Having just removed and refitted my whole dash I dont think it would be too much of a job, but I do work on cars all day!

26-10-08, 21:23
You can re use the steering wheel though I::D

well spotted chris, ya dullard.Rasp:

26-10-08, 21:49
[QUOTE=paul ss;193702]not been funny but if you need peole to tell you what you may require you should not be taking on such job .

Im more knowledgeable about vw golf mk2 cars and am pretty handy with the tools .
Its just that this is my first time working on a van.
Just need heads up on the parts required ,not how to do it .

27-10-08, 15:08
Leave it LHD, I've had LHD vans for over 10 years, you'll get use to it.

28-10-08, 19:39
Can someone at least answer my one and only question.

Would i need to chnge the steering rack ???

28-10-08, 21:05
yes i would think so

28-10-08, 21:28
hand brake

elec mirror switch
elec window switch
new door cards
lol getting half way and thinking "should have sold this and just bought a RHD"

welcome to the forum ( we'll talk the money from your wallet!)

29-10-08, 04:49
Speaking as someone with experience of LHD to RHD conversions, the answer is don't do it, just back slowly away right now. Or run.

I'm from Queensland, Australia, and was into American cars (Mustangs) some years ago. At the time, you couldn't register LHD for everyday use (still can't if it's under 20 years old) so everything had to be converted. They were all bodgied bits of guesswork. Even brand new cars 'professionally' converted ended up being very poorly indeed. It's a massive task not worth doing. What you end up with will be a vehicle you're never really happy with.

Certainly it might be said the US cars were difficult because they rarely had RHD models to use as parts donors but there are also US LHD MGBs here converted to RHD (even though RHD models are commonly available) and all the donor parts in the world don't stop it being a costly and dodgy undertaking.

If all you've driven before is ordinary sized passenger cars or small vans, even an RHD Transporter will feel odd for a few weeks. Mine certainly did. Give the LHD a bit more time.

29-10-08, 19:57
ok will give it a try for a while ,just hope i dont scrape your pride and joy at a T4 meet H:H:..

Wont sell up shes toooo f:cing sexy even in LHD .

29-10-08, 20:45
I found it hard to adjust to my RHD....

Previously Ive only ever driven small vehicles, apart from when I hired a van one time and crashed it into the depot when I was returning it. None of you are allowed to ask me about that one though. Conversation on that front is over. I:

but yeah... took me a while to adjust and now its dandy T:

30-10-08, 23:33
Can someone at least answer my one and only question.

Would i need to chnge the steering rack ???

Yes you will,