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26-10-08, 17:08
Hi everyone i'm new to your forum. I've owned a t25 for ten or so years but finally come to my senses and put it up for sale. I've just bought a 1.9 SWB t4 with starship enterprise mileage , so first job is to replace the engine , can anyone advise me where to get a mine reconditioned or buy a new one . Thanks .

26-10-08, 17:40
Welcome to the forum T:

26-10-08, 17:42
my 1.9 td has 168.000 on the clock just had full services and cam belt water pump belts she runs like a dream good for a lot more than that just got 430miles to 40 of fuel round town and m/way (GO TEAM RED) AND A BIG:mw TO SAY HI.T:

26-10-08, 20:27
The van has done 210000mls and feels very tired, i think the valve stem oil seals are goosed , it blows plenty of smoke out on cold starting. its very sluggish when cold but improves a bit when warm. I know my t25 inside out but nothing about the t4 , what sort of money will I have to pay for a good recon engine or even a new one ? Thanks.

26-10-08, 22:00
Hi, welcome to the forum