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vw t5 2.5 tdi shuttle breaking

lancashire vw
24-11-12, 13:39
https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=2805&pictureid=77993 https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=2805&pictureid=77992 any parts text 07736478180 or pm me T:

Jim Doodle
24-11-12, 13:44
What did it die from?

24-11-12, 13:57
looks like over work to me LOL:

24-11-12, 14:02
was a local taxi here in Garstang - mileage 2 the moon and back!!!!!

lancashire vw
24-11-12, 15:56
Cam shaft broke , the gearbox has been overhauled , the interior is good as are all the parts , the engine is for spares only , high miles yeah , but had lots of replacement parts if anybody needs anything let me know

24-11-12, 18:06
You don't want to sell as a whole do you dude , fancy another project and that looks just up my street , cheers. Nick :ILU:

24-11-12, 18:08
I need the under plastics on the passenger side from behind the engine tray. But if tps is about the same price then I'll go there :)

24-11-12, 18:33
fuel flap and panel below it posted ,pm me details please

Also interested in the tailgate and a cd player if it has one :)

24-11-12, 19:12
Hi could do with the shell when you stripped it for a little project other than that need passenger air vent and seat belt from behind driver side in double thanks

lancashire vw
24-11-12, 20:38
hi pm sent to most ,,,shell will be for sale on here before ebay so if anybody wants to come for a look your welcome cheers

24-11-12, 21:03
Hi lancashire vw can you tell me if you have posted the brackets to me yet?

lancashire vw
24-11-12, 21:09
pm sent mate cheers

24-11-12, 21:14

How much for the high level brake light??



24-11-12, 21:19
Also has it got front fogs?



lancashire vw
24-11-12, 21:20
no front fogs sorry

29-11-12, 12:39
Hi , do you have one tweeter from top of the dash.

29-11-12, 13:24
iam down manchester on saturday can i have a look at the tail gate cheers T:T:

lancashire vw
29-11-12, 13:45
pm sent mate

05-12-12, 18:12
Hi paul please pm me when you read this?

lancashire vw
07-12-12, 19:37
hi hopeits all sorted soon

Kate thingy
11-12-12, 16:10
Heya, have you received my pm's?

11-12-12, 20:15
hi hopeits all sorted soon

Cheers arrived today well happy.T:

lancashire vw
11-12-12, 20:38
replied to you now about lights sory for delay been trying to sort it

lancashire vw
19-12-12, 11:53
lots of parts still available at bargain prices

21-12-12, 17:54
Good to meet you and thanks for sorting me out with the step *<:-)>

lancashire vw
21-12-12, 18:10
no worries happy xmas

21-12-12, 18:52
How much for the little joining strio in the headlining half way back the rear?
Cheers ian

21-12-12, 23:26
Any updates on the bits I asked about??

lancashire vw
22-12-12, 07:38
super sorry which bits are those

22-12-12, 07:53
Hi paul has passenger seat base gone? regards toby

22-12-12, 23:51

I asked about the grab handle on the passengers side A pillar, you got back to me to say it was all there except the screws and it was 10. I asked whether it included the metal bracket behind the A pillar trim and you said you'd get back to me.

I also asked about the plastic fascia dashboard trim that the hazard light switch sits in and whether this was undamaged as mine has been yanked out of the dash as someone didn't undo the screw which is underneath the blanks above it. I also asked about whether there was a dark grey cover for the rear of a single seat base.

If you could let me know the above, I'd done this before by PM with you.



23-12-12, 07:37

Do you have the internal plastic panels for the o/s and n/s rear of the van?

lancashire vw
23-12-12, 10:43
i have one plastic panel for the drivers side and i will look for the stuff for red 5

Kate thingy
23-12-12, 15:37
Heya, any joy on my stuff :* x

02-01-13, 00:08
Are you selling a rear triple seat with fittings?
If so, how much?


07-01-13, 21:54

Any updates on the parts I asked for?