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part numbers

28-10-08, 21:34
Hi all
i need to explain my situation first

i drive a seat leon tdi 110 engine code asv

on the injectors on the 110bhp and 90bhp tdi, the nozzles and injectors are interchangable with those from a t4 2.5 tdi 5cylinder van, the .216, now i was just going to get the nozzles from a t4 2.5 tdi but i think i would be better off getting the injector with the .216 already fitted, buying brand new

just wondering if anyone knows the part number and prices of the injectors from iirc the t4 2.5tdi 150bhp 5 cylinder van known as .216 injectors
i only need 4 injectors as mine is a 4 cylinder, so i need 3 normal injectors and one with the needle lift sensor connector

anybody help me