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Van Cover

T5 Aid
29-10-08, 23:15
Does anyone know if and where I can get hold of a van cover for a t4. I had a JK cover for my old Bay window and would like one for my new Van.

SuperStyle Dan
29-10-08, 23:32
I know Oleary do covers that range in size.. Dare say they would fit a T4.;jsessionid=1549062f8959c71/shopdata/index.shopscript?main_url=https%3A%2F%2Fsslrelay.c sionid%3D1549062f8959c71%2Fshopdata%2Fproduct_over view.shopscript

I saw a company that specialized in custom making of Van covers I think they were at camper Jam at Western park earlier this year.. I canny remember their name though.

On the look out for one myself so i'll PM if I find anything


30-10-08, 14:38

If you PM Waterkooled he has one for his Multivan, the van is currently on ebay. He may be interested in selling his cover? you can only ask?



30-10-08, 16:46
I can custom make one to fit your van....will work out a price and post it

T5 Aid
30-10-08, 18:11
Thanks Guys.

Parlma, Id be interested in that Price

30-10-08, 20:59
Parlma, Id be interested in that Price

I might be interested in one of these as well if the price is right, my van has a high top though. Would it be made of a breathable material?

07-11-08, 09:03
Just to let you know I've started to make a cover to fit my van as a prototype to see if it's worth making a few more.

Made the patterns last night & will try to finish it off this weekend.

Once finished I'll be able to cost it up & will post the outcome next week.

T5 Aid
07-11-08, 20:26
T:Sounds good to me.

19-11-08, 09:59
see below......

21-11-08, 10:33
I've now had chance to properely sort these covers out.

They will be 120.00 for a SWB van. Would add 10.00 for a high-top & 5.00 for a LWB

Can have them delivered anywhere in the UK for 9.00

They will be custom made to fit your van with an opening where-ever you want

Made from waterproof UV resistant translucent material (not breathable)


04-12-08, 09:05
hi mate have you got any photos of the one you've made? cheers jim

04-12-08, 16:29
hi mate have you got any photos of the one you've made? cheers jim

Yeah like wise.
One question however if the material being used is not breathable doesnt that mean that the van underneath is prone to rusting away far worse than if it were and condensation is more liable to build up inside the van, i may and probably have got it all back to front, please feel free to correct me if i am, i'm sure however that all my car ones were breathable for this very reason:confused:
Thanks in advance