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How do you know

steve padda
30-10-08, 07:51
Hi Guys
Can any one throw any light on this one...

How do you know if your van has heated mirrors ??
I have electric mirrors on my velle but I can not tell if they are heated, having said that yesterday when I started it up and it was covered in frost /snow I turned on my rear screen heater and I could swear my mirrors cleared them selves.
Or was I dreaming ??? :confused:


30-10-08, 11:03
If they cleared themselves, they will be warm to the touch and you will see the frost evaporating.

30-10-08, 11:20
I was just thinking the same thing the other day. Ive got elec mirrors and when I demisted the rear doors I noticed that the wing mirrors demisted too so I'd guess its the same circuit. I'd looked for a seperate switch and when I couldnt find one I figured the guy who'd sold me the van had fibbed, but I guess not! :)

30-10-08, 13:00
iv got no windows in the back of mine but i have electric mirrors, would mine be heated?
its an ex aa if thats any help:ILU:

30-10-08, 13:10
Mine's got electric mirrors which are defintly heated, the man at the VW place told me they all are if they are electric, different fixing aparently. Mine are activated off the heated rear window switch, van didn't have rear windows when i got it but the switch was still there.

steve padda
30-10-08, 18:00
So liking this now..A:

Can now not wait for the next frosty morning to double check



30-10-08, 18:01
they will give off steam when defrosting

steve padda
31-10-08, 08:08
Checked this morning, hit the rear screen heater switch and we have heated mirrors.
steaming away nicely