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Wheel Base. Please read.

Big G
30-10-08, 21:33
Hey there peeps. Was just wandering if anyone on here has dealt with


for wheels and tyres for your T4s, and if so how did you find their service and how did the tyres last.

Please let me know of your experiences

Failing this let me know where you've got your alloys from and who you'd recconmend.

Many thanks Gareth and Laura :ILU::ILU::ILU:

30-10-08, 21:48
I can reccomend Rochford Tyres. they are on ebay, and the web, prices differ slightly BUt they will go with the cheaper whatever way you go.
they have a 'T4 wheel selecter too...which is nice.

Been there, busy place, nice people, no problems, and good deal i reckon.http://www.alloywheels.com

31-10-08, 06:15
I have had wheels and tyres from Rochford in the past and the quality of the wheels was good and prices likewise. I did find that the tyres were not load rated for T4s though. Always worth checking before parting with cash!
Some of the sellers on ebay are offering very poor quality wheels though. Recommendation is a better route than being purely cost driven, for sure. Good luck. T:

Desp Dan
31-10-08, 07:02
Recently purchased some 18" alloys wheels from Wheelbase in Oldham, Manchester.

(Just over t'hill from me)

No problemo.

Picked them up in person, Just alloys & no tyres.

Reasonable price for what I wanted & Good service I thought.

I did find that the tyres were not load rated for T4s though. Always worth checking before parting with cash!

Good point as they always seem to put 225/40's on 18" alloys for some reason & the load ratings ain't exactly the best ;)


31-10-08, 08:32
Got mine from wheelbase 3 years ago, good price, good service, uprated tyres, delivered next day T:

31-10-08, 09:10
put in order and payed up front for a set or 17 rs6 alloys this was 1 st week in September 1 week no wheels rang up a wheels in stock send out in 2 days 3 days later still no wheels ring back up got a lot of bull :c from them tell me send out on Monday before B/B no wheels for B/B ring back up tell me tnt lost the wheels no more in stock will be with me in 3 days. 4 days later still no wheels rang up the :c to get my cash back 2/3 days 4 days still no cash :c: ring back up cash on its way 7 days later got cash back van still on steel wheels now i like the look of steel wheels WHEEL BASE CAN GO :c THEMSELF SERVICE I SAY DO NOT USE THE :c PRATS I WILL GET SOME WHEELS FROM THE SOUTH AND PAY ON COLLECTION:(

31-10-08, 09:12
Service Is 5 Weeks No Wheels Got My Cash Back So Much For Next Day More Like Next Year .

Rhosneigr Gaz
31-10-08, 09:24
Got my Velle wheels there, 18" new Rs4's.

They had em on in 20 mins and they even shrink wrap ur old wheels to take away! Top service for me!

31-10-08, 10:02
I agree with Gaz, great service and price was very reasonable too.


Van Man
31-10-08, 10:32
Big G

Means your from Pontypridd why donít you pop into Roadrunner in Tonteg I have had 3 sets of wheels of them for my t4's and they have an excellent selection in the shop to choose from. They even stock wheels for T4's

There prices are good too and if there is anything wrong with them you just take them back to the shop. I have never had any problems though

Big G
31-10-08, 15:28
Cheers Guys, very much appreciated for all your import. :ILU::ILU::ILU::ILU: