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general questions from a newbie

30-10-08, 22:09
Hi All, please help

After the arrival of number three child three years ago, we sold our well loved t25. We are now missing the van a lot and so I am thinking about a T4. I'm sure some of this has been asked before. From my browsing of this site, I think I am looking for a 1.9td swb transporter. with three seats in the front. I would like to fit rear seats and insulate the van and put in my own very simple camping interior. Here are my questions

Where can I get seats fitted in the rear?
How does this affect the insurance?
What Insulation do people use
What sort of MPG can I expect? 1.9 or 2.5?
If I get one registered after 2001, what will the road tax be going up to?

I like the idea of the ex AA vans as they already have seats and windows fitted, but not the colour. What is the average price for a respray (non bling colour)

I appreciate any help