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Solid Back Doors

01-11-08, 20:30
hi my van has solid barn doors and looks a bit like a fridge, any ideas what i can do that looks good and stops my van from looking like white goods from comet:confused:
thanks 1rz

01-11-08, 20:34
Couple of options for you;

-Replace with glazed barn doors or
-Fit a tailgate

both fairly easy to sort out, i've got glazed barn doorsT:T:

01-11-08, 20:50
if you are happy with the unglazed type you have,paint the sections where the windows would have been black to look like windows,a cheaper alternative at the moment till you find something else.

01-11-08, 20:50
this is what i was thinking! are you saying you some glazed doors for sale????
or are you just showing offH:lol

01-11-08, 21:23
why not get your doors glazed