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arghhhhhh new window

04-11-08, 12:27
had a wing mirror to wing mirror incident this morn - not my fault

but came of worst, smashed my drivers side mirror (casing was okay) but went back with such force as to shatter the drivers window all over me

getting a new one put in tomorrow - what a pain in the

04-11-08, 13:13
how much are they charging you as i have an o/s door glass spare

04-11-08, 15:17

I nearly asked on here this morning if anyone had a spare - but needed it sorted quick, and didnt fancy driving far to get one in the rain with no window

glass is green tint and cost is 60

total for mirror and glass fitted and VAt is 150 - other party is paying, but i think thats not a bad price at all

bet you could double it by phoning a windscreen co from yellow pages!

05-11-08, 06:30
good job the other party stopped,, not every one does nower days,,,bet it made ya jump :eek:

team french
05-11-08, 09:40
some one took a dissliking to my wing mirror the other night. looks like they tried to pull it off. broke the plastic casing and mirror its self but didnt take it any further thankfully. just annoying as there was no need.:(

05-11-08, 10:25
yeah it went with one hell of a bang, then showered me in glass:(