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Hiya, help i"m a newee!!!!

04-11-08, 17:12
Iv just brought a M reg t4 van and im going to need a lot of help with it, its got windows all round .It needs a new stearing weel the rubber has come away from the metal it wonts 18inch wheels and lowering 50mil. I dont now wair to get any of the above I live in south essex near the dartford tunnal. thanks for any Help...............:confused:

04-11-08, 23:19
have a look on t4rus got lowering kit from them nice ride and i am getting 18" wheels have a look in parts for sale for a wheel hope this is a help welcome to the forum we like pics of your van on here A:

04-11-08, 23:32
Hi, welcome to the forum

05-11-08, 09:19
Welcome to the forum :)

Check the following sites for all you mention, but look in the For Sale section aswell cos there's aways stuff being posted.


If you check the top of each section you'll see banners advertising lots of usefull sites.

Happy modding T:

05-11-08, 10:28
Welcome to the mad 'ouse! Tony1948.

I was in a similar predicament but dont do what I tried... I injected diluted glue into the wheel rubber in the hope it would re-stick but all that happened was on a hot day the glue emerged all over the seat cover!

I just approached everybody on the forum who had bits for sale and finally got one. It feels really peculiar when going round corners dont it?! Cheers, Tony (December 1949)