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1.9TDers look at this!!!!!

04-11-08, 21:44
This guy swears its been remapped check out the question i asked him & read the reply he gave????????:confused:


Ps: dont think he needs any more hassle about it T: just wanted other opinions

04-11-08, 21:47
A message asking the engine code would clear this one up me thinks.

04-11-08, 21:50
Oh ye!! never even entered my head!! :confused:

04-11-08, 21:50
"the steering works as it should it"....................

Left and right..........cool :cool:LOL:

04-11-08, 21:50
he just sent me a new mail... he sounds like a nice guy who could have been robbed 300 so he's going to the dealers to find out if its actually possible to be re-mapped tomorrow.

04-11-08, 22:07
moderd by stevidub ill look out for this guy,not too far away at donny,he seems to have moderd alot its all standard as for rs8s at 700 ,ill order a million lol

04-11-08, 22:18
Not keen on the 'modded by' bull**** sticker either - but that's just me...

Hopefully he hasn't fallen foul of some :c who's told him he's had a remap and charged him for one - seeing as it simply ISN'T possible on an engine with no ECU...........

04-11-08, 23:30
Hi I hope this help's

I'm a tech for vw and as far as I can see your both right..

You can't remap a engine without a ECU, BUT there is a 1.9tdi with ecu which goes in 1994-1999 golf and vento, not 1.9td with out ECU.

I'm not sure if this TDI engine ever got in the T4???..

It could have been replaced for a TDI aswell.

05-11-08, 03:36
Td (abl) umwelt engine only unless its a retrofit jobbie.

team french
05-11-08, 09:34
me thinks hes been done. not sure abouts the reply from his vw tech friend. also the 1.9 only has the capability to only show a few fault codes and its not realy a diagnostics especialy in regards to the engine. from what im aware of anyway:ILU:

05-11-08, 10:11
Oh ye!! never even entered my head!! :confused:



im just a plasterer who cant add up


05-11-08, 14:15
I'll be able to add up when you need your hall & stairs plastering Jim. :D

05-11-08, 15:42
I'll be able to add up when you need your hall & stairs plastering Jim. :D

plaster my stairs? :eek: no need! im getting some new carpet! T:

steve padda
05-11-08, 17:03
Hi Guys
I have also spoken with this gent his name is also steve, and he seems a decent fella and has owned a few t4's.
He is also concerned that he may have been done, but swears the van drives a lot better he is going to give me acall back when he gets any more info on the "remap".
According to steve the lad who did the work is a "vw,skoda" trained and seems to have all the kit.
So maybe there is the odd 1.9 that may be upgradeable.


05-11-08, 17:13
all sounds a bit iffy to me... Only way to tell really would be to have a look for the tamper screw on fuel... Out of all the people on here, this dude can't be the only one with a 'tdi' 1.9? Me thinks he's been done as well!!! T:

Jono :ILU:

08-11-08, 16:19
any update?

08-11-08, 16:33
I would say he has been robbed

08-11-08, 19:40
Well he aint got back to me....im sure he would have if he was right!! I:

steve padda
08-11-08, 20:01
Sadly I have not heard any thing either.



08-11-08, 20:27
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08-11-08, 20:34
No mention of a 100bhp re-map??? look at the starting price!!!!! it only managed 2500 last time & there was no reserve so the buyer must have backed out??

ps: have you seen the other "kustom camper" that he is selling? i still wish him good luck with the sale.. he is a fellow T4'er afterall but... read the ad's he really does himself no favours "Half decent spray job"..... "nearly dent free" etc

08-11-08, 22:05
Even if it had been retro fitted with a tdi,10bhp gain from a remap would not be worth it.I think someone is telling porkies or has been ripped off and dont you love it when the the experts give you duff advise(all tds have ecu's)

08-11-08, 22:13
Relisted with a starting price of 3750,best of luck as your 2.5 looks a better van