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Black plastic rivets

06-11-08, 10:02

I'm about to take the side panels down and put in the insulation.
It's a black van so I'm going for very dark greay mottled carpet.
I've found some nice black plastic rivets from Moss Plastics.
But the minimum order value means I'm going to be ordering around 1000 and there's no way I'll need that many.

So if anybody else wants any, let me know and I'll proportionally charge you what the amount you want cost.

I'm going for the 113108059902 rivets that spread out nice and fat when the central bit screws in. The screw action and head is the most solid so that if I need to take any in and out, they should be fine. The 113000369902 rivets had a serated outer edge, but didn't open out as wide when the central bit was in. Also the screw thread bit was a LOT looser, so you could have trouble putting them in and out a few times.


t5 strauss
07-11-08, 22:00
hey what a good ideaA:A:A: we need more of this on the t5 section.... unfortunate i do not need any of these, but we need more people on here offering things like this................... bring it on A:A:A: