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Just Kampers Drive away tunnel awning

06-11-08, 17:49
Anyone got one ? are you impressed would you buy another what's good and what's bad! anyone used the sucker scenario to hold the canopy, Any advice would be appreciated
Thanks in advance for your help Paxo T:

king marty
07-11-08, 17:43
I wouldnt buy anything off JK, It WILL break within months, it WILL leak and you WILL NOT get any customer care from JK after you have paid for it..
I had a jk tunnel awning and suction clamps off them, the clamps let go, scratched my van tore my awning and they took the clamps back but woulnt repair or refund the awning as it was broke and ripped????? Ar$e hole$

Hope that answers your question I:

07-11-08, 17:50
JK seems to be much more expensive than elsewhere too

08-11-08, 09:15
I have ordered a Khyam drive away tunnel i saw at Van fest.

Getting it from Lightning Leisure www.lightningleisure.com
pre order only at the moment, due in Feb / March

6 metre x 3 for 250 built in ground sheet. :ILU:

08-11-08, 10:47
I did buy the tunnel awning, and its big - much bigger than a khyam, there is much more usable space in it.

The built in groundsheet was a pain, as I could not get it to lie flat no matter how I put up the tent and it cannot be put up by one person. At times you need 2. The groundsheet is also not a breathable one, so some sites in the UK and abroad may not allow the tent to be pitched? although I dont know anyone who has had that problem.

Therefore I took it back, as when I called them, and told them about the problem with the groundsheet lying flat they said it sounded like a manuf defect - "just bring it back and we will replace/refund you". There was no quibble or even hesitation in the offer. I guess people can only offer their own experiences, this was mine.

I did use the suckers for one weekend, but I worried about it, and they can pop off. however, clean the roof and sucker and make sure its on a completely flat piece of roof, it should be OK, but dont trust it in high winds (or rather anythign more than a gentle breeze) it is better to get a rail.

I got a khyam and it is a lot smaller but goes up in no time and has a separate groundsheet

John R

09-11-08, 19:14
Thanks all for your replies looks like the Kyham Tunnel awning, I did see one at Ocktoberfest at chedder last month and that one looked good so looks like there's no choice now !! Anybody else got any ideas ? T: Ta Paxo

09-11-08, 19:25
very good service from these guys:)

http://www.campershop.co.uk/ well recomended top peeps (and only 10 miles from me!!!)

09-11-08, 20:11
Got to be a khyam PaxoT:

09-11-08, 20:29
Gonna have to get one of those rails form the campershop they look the biz !!! T: