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Christmas Pressie From The Missus

Paul Martin
07-11-08, 21:53
My wife is looking for a christmas pressie for me and I think I've decided on a trolley jack and axle stands for part of it.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy these from? I'd be looking for a 3 tonne jack with possibly the fast lift function and some ratchet based axle stands.

Have seen a 3 tonne michelin fast lift jack locally for 60 which looks nice and seems to be a right bargain.

07-11-08, 22:20
Check out Machine Mart (there is a small one in Bournemouth, I seem to remember). I have found our local Motor factors, Pat Williams here in North Devon, nearly as cheap, so do shop around.

team french
08-11-08, 07:28
halfords do a 2.25 tonne fastlift jack for 40, and as its a 4x4 jack it lifts higher than most of the diy ones. ive got one and a mahcine mart 2 tonne jack and that has just enough lift for my t4. havnt used the halfords one on the t4 yet but it lifted my 1978 lt28 with ease so the t4 should be a walk in the parkT:

tis this one- 4057_langId_-1_categoryId_165727

08-11-08, 10:22
I've got one of the halfords ones, had it for a couple of years now & I'll be buying my next one probably from machine mart as the halfords one now has a mind of its own & lowers all by itself! LOL: