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Bumper Paint

08-11-08, 16:57
Hi there, i have a tornado red t4 and want to spray paint the bumpers myself.

Can you buy pre mixed colour match paint for bumpers in aerosols? (Can halford mix something suitable?)

Ta Fly

08-11-08, 17:09
First youll need to buy plastic primer mate you can get this from halfords else the top coat wont adhere to the bumper.You can buy the aerosols of what ever colour top coat you want from halfords pemixed if not just take the colour code in and they will mix it there and then for you!Me personally would get it done at a paint shop as aerosols dont give a brillant finish + by the time youve bought enough aerosols + plastic primer youll probs be not far off the price a bodyshop would charge!:)