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Calendar!! Anybody?

09-11-08, 19:29
I was thinking,you can get baywindow,splitty and beetle calenders,so what about a T4 one. What do you think:mw

09-11-08, 19:40
Yep great Idea , Ill have one if theres a pic of my van in it I:

09-11-08, 20:08
good idea, plenty of pics in the system, or some new ones wouldn't be too hard to rustle up, i'm sure.....

09-11-08, 23:02
Maybe you could use some of the professional pics taken from magazine shoots :dunno:
I know from experience that the printing cost is the limiting factor, although there is bound to be someone on here who can help Y:

10-11-08, 06:54
I'd thought about doing a calendar, but like mentioned earlier the cost of printing is the limiting factor....:confused:

perhaps if enough people were willing to "donate" a good pic of their van, a downloadable , A4 12 page print at home version could be made?
but quality would obviously vary greatly depending on printers used and then theres the problem of binders???
or even an A3 poster type wall calendar , if theres enough interest I could get some prices I:

for an A3 (16" x 12" or 18" x 12") poster think its about 6 plus postage (from Photobox) a file could be uploaded of the calendar , then people could order whatever they wanted...

there's other printers out there tho' I:

Think ive got some templates somewhere (of both A3 poster and A4 12 page)

I'll gladly help where-ever I can

Mike :)