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Doorcard Grey Paint Colour?

Paul Martin
10-11-08, 10:34
Does anyone know the colour of the doorcard grey as a paint colour? Only I've received my excellent retrofit electric window kit from Wind Welder (thanks Trev) and notice that the doorcard blanks for replacing where the winders use to be are black, so I'd like to spray them grey to match the rest of the interior

10-11-08, 14:36
cover cap
for models with electrically operated windows

701867164 9XK

light grey

This is the part number and description for the covers in grey.
I expect them to be cheaper than the paint T:

10-11-08, 15:05
If you do find out the colour please let me know.
I'd like to try and touch in some of my grey panel and knowing the correct colour would really help. T:

Big Bad Bear
10-11-08, 16:05
Gaffers have a lookie at one of my old posts think some others have done better but mine aint bad :D

Paul Martin
11-11-08, 03:05
Many thanks guys.

Paul Martin
11-11-08, 16:32
Damn! Apparently that part number is no longer listed. :confused:

11-11-08, 18:22
How much were your electric windows mate?

Paul Martin
11-11-08, 20:03
How much were your electric windows mate?

I bought them via the group buy on here set up by 'Wind Welder'

11-11-08, 20:50
cool i'll have a look on the forum, cheers