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London Garages

10-11-08, 11:17
Anyone know of any garages in London (South/West) that are any good. Need cambelt change, new clutch fitted, oil change and gearbox oil changed on a 2.5l petrol??

Tried doing the Cambelt and oil change at the weekend - seemed impossible on an AAF engine, couldn't get the lower belt drive cover off and then the oil drain plug is practically welded in place!!:(


10-11-08, 12:21

Darren (member on here) is the service manager at Maidenhead branch. Not London but not too far away, discount prices for forum members T:

10-11-08, 14:13
I know this isnt going to help, but London is awful for garages. Go out of town if you can.

On a clutch get the quote FIXED if possible, or use a Mr Clutch with sensible menu pricing. If they give a guestimate I guarentee they will whingeas its a pig if you dont know what your letting yerself in for.