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Single quick release rear seat in inca

11-11-08, 08:30
Excellent condition with 3 point belt, floor rails ready to fit just requires bolting down! Removed from my 2000 reg but will fit in ANY T4 as holes are drilled thru the floor!
The feet are Branded Koller if this helps. Sensible offers please..:ILU:

12-11-08, 08:52
Hi can i see a pic please, might be what im after and what side is it for
Middle, left or right?


12-11-08, 09:08

It was nearest the sliding door but it could be fitted anywhere, bolt it down through the floor! the rails bolt down, the seat then drops into the rails.

12-11-08, 18:15
Thanks, but its not the one im after.

Need a folding done jobbie

Cheers :)

15-11-08, 12:39
nudge it to the top...this is still available..

Big Bad Bear
15-11-08, 13:02 ( ( ( (

15-11-08, 13:07
Cheers big bear...dunno why they didn't show before!?

16-11-08, 18:57
nudge it to the top...this is still available..

Please cany ou give me an idea what sort of figure you are looking for?

16-11-08, 21:07
It's cluttering up my lounge...being used as a computer chair, the boss wants it gone! Make me a sensible offer!

Postage will be DIFFICULT...

18-11-08, 19:59

Would you take 40

Where abouts are you?I:

18-11-08, 20:09
Bit of a trek for you...Cirencester in Glocestershire, near Swindon off the M4 but if you want to come that far i'll take your 40!

19-11-08, 19:34
Please PM me with your details and we can arrange collection.

During the week I work in Wolverhampton so that may be a bit easier?

Cheers Mike

19-11-08, 19:39
Your inbox is full.....

19-11-08, 19:54
please can you try now?I: