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Dam, I Have Hit A Wall Already!

11-11-08, 19:50
................Well not a real wall..but it got you reading my thread

Sneaky Eh?Rasp:

So anyway...

3 weeks ago i brought my first VW..i did a thread on the welcome page

I have spent alot and i mean alot of hours on here reading different things and stuff that gets me excited!

But Im not sure if i made the right purchase!

My Roxy Bus is a Short Nose LWB 2.0ltr Petrol, K Reg 1993, 116,000 miles very basic, no PAS or electric windows etc.. very basic

It come with FSH new tyres and new pipes etc.. and cambelt changed every 80k and the last one done at 100,00k

I paid 1000 for it....Is that a good Price?

The body work is fairly good and im getting there slowly

My only thing is im sat here with loads of stuff on ebay im watching for my new bus, but i keep saying to myself, you should of got a newer one with PAS and tail gate etc..

Its 1993 plate, so im guessing its Quite old compared to what everyone else has got!

and here i am now in this 50/50 state of mind what to do with it...do i go all out and turn it into my dream camper surf bus, or just make it tidy and sell it on?

im not sure if i just need a boost and for everyone to tell me i got a good van or if im dishearten because i dont have a garage to do things in and the weathers !

someone push me the right way!

Oh by the way, i have the van 24 hours befor the back barn door handles got flushed and a popper put in....

pictures on the way...

Roleur Coaster
11-11-08, 19:55
Sounds like you want to pimp it. I've got a '53 plate 2.5 T4 and sometimes wonder should I have gone for a T5?

They are, I'm learning, quite addictive! Wifey calls it my mid-life crisis and a fooking expensive one at that...!

Best of luck

11-11-08, 19:59
while the bus may be in good nick etc .if it was me id go for a newer model if finances allow .once you weigh it down with camper interior etc the 2l is gonna be slow and greedy on fuel .lack of power steering would drive me mad just my opinion of course but a diesel model with power steering leccy windows etc will always make a better base vehicle .the fact you are already doubting your purchase says a lot trust your instincts

11-11-08, 20:01
Pictures so far


When i brought her


handle removed...


Plate in...


never tried welding before, it went ok...you can see the 2 holes this was i think when someone tried to break in befor i brought it, had to weld in a plate behind too...


otherside done and plate added.. injected forular via the inside so it does not rust out


starting to flush...filled the whole lot then cut the middle so the flush would be perfect..also started the badge


getting there......


Flushed and quick paint


smooth, needs little more work!

this was done in a friends shed lockup workshop...only free maybe 1 weekend a month!



team french
11-11-08, 20:03
id stick with the one youve got for now. have fun pimping ,playing and using then when your at a position when you think you have done all there is to be done(or all you want to)then you can sell it on. on the whole, with customising chances are you will never get back what you have put in(money and time wise often) when you sell it, so have fun and put it down to learning if nothing else:ILU::ILU:

11-11-08, 20:07
while the bus may be in good nick etc .if it was me id go for a newer model if finances allow .once you weigh it down with camper interior etc the 2l is gonna be slow and greedy on fuel .lack of power steering would drive me mad just my opinion of course but a diesel model with power steering leccy windows etc will always make a better base vehicle .the fact you are already doubting your purchase says a lot trust your instincts

I know what you mean, i guess becuase i havent ever had a car / van with out PAS so im guess im not used to it, its really nice to drive i think the workout will be good for my surf arms when parking up etc...:D

Monies is always the problem...im 23 with a great job but hoping to flock the nest next year, aswell as paintballing, surfing, bit of skydiving and model making money can be hard to juggle arround!

i think we all would love a T% sportline brand new but its just a dream...

i also thought when i went to look at it ok basic electric system so less faults to worry about, the electrics went on my Transit that cost me alot to get fixed then the engin blew (i know crappy ford rubbish)

11-11-08, 20:07
I started out like you... bought mine at 950, sold seats and sat there wondering what to do. I think you did very well, service history, and above all its a T4.

Youll likely be disappointed with what you would get selling it on....its worth more to YOU. The lack of PAS will put some people off. Some like the rear dorrs, so its not a prob. You can look out for a tailgate and do it as and when. (I have a spare offside slider ready to go on mine...I look for useful bits even when I dont need them...yet!) Even have a spare 2 litre engine for 20 years time. Now running on LPG. And being fitted with a 5 cylinder Audi engine as my new project....slowly....

Id probably do stuff to a van like yours every few months, you know, get to know it, use it as a chance to learn about the vans, and enjoy!

First on mine was the tint and lowering. (it came with alloys). Then decided I loved the van a LOT so went for cleaning bodywork, interior, and retro fitted power steering. (nice upgrade)

Now its a keeper Im now on its second re-incarnation and doing a fair bit of work on it...but first time round it looked like this:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v317/mstride/vanwork.jpg

to this:

11-11-08, 20:11
WOW,,, that is such a great bit of work you did there, i think i needed to see what you come from....to what you have now!!

Retro PAS...is that an easy job??

i try to use the search function on here but it never works for me Firefox/IE

wow really, i love that colour too!

11-11-08, 20:34
wow really, i love that colour too!

Cheers.....awwwww dont say THAT...I am thinking of doing a bew colour....but i do rather like my pistachio! decision, decisions....sound familiar eh?

PAS is fairly easy....if you can find ANY pas rack from any T4 but you must source or fabricate a unique bracket from block to pump. Your non pas will have the bolt holes, but not the casting...

Next is a unique pulley, which is approxx 4" deep to line up the belt.

You already have the location for the reservoir in the bay near the driver side headlamp near the radiator. Best done if you have the engine moved as getting to the rack is a bind...

then you can have a smaller wheel! And the feeling of being able to steer at under 5mph is wonderful. I found I could park so much more easily. But not so much of an upper body workout!

Looks like you have the skills and determination to do some nice stuff to your van, lowering is easy and low budget...you can really tart up the bumpers by eitehr buying new, or using a heater gun to rejuvinate them.

How about putting in sunroofs from small peugots...that would be a nice project for a weekend?

Clear indicators....? Im guessing thats on yoru ebay list?

And I guarantee people will be amazed at how old your van actually is. They do not show their age.

Good luck!

11-11-08, 20:42
i built my own CNC milling machine so i can make parts no problem. badges parts this and that! its all good fun!

is it a hard job? i would love a smaller wheel too a nice small one!

just did a quick search and again found nothing for adding pas to a non pas model!

i also am thinking of personal number plate to keep the age really hush!!!

on my barn doors the glass has the demisting heater bars on, i would like to get new glass with out this with a tint!

i dont think i will add windows or sun roofs, im a locksmith by trade and it took me less than 50 seconds to get in already with out any damage! i dont think i should tell people this! ha!

11-11-08, 21:44
Id stick with what youve got and play around with it for a yr or so..fter that time if your still addicted to t4's, and you will be I: then think about moving it on and buying a newer model..

Put it this way a 1000 van you dont mind cutting welding and learning on...would you want to take a grinder to a 6/7 grand van??

11-11-08, 21:48
would you want to take a grinder to a 6/7 grand van??

...you havent met me hahaha! :ILU:

but no very good point!

and after all i have seen the light and the end of the day you still will all love and welcome me its a T4

11-11-08, 23:05
i think i would keep it and have a play as its got really good history and a nice looking van to boot. plus you can have fun tuning your petrol motor. T:

12-11-08, 16:27
Have fun with it Cosha... its looking good already - I'm loving the smoothing work!!

I spent ages searching for my van, researching the best model, which engine should I go for and blah blah blah.....

Anyways, Just recentley I was chatting to a friend who runs a tunning/remapping company and he said "oh I can tweak yours no problems, I'll get my laptop out"... He strolled over with his pooter and a cable and two minutes later.... well, excitiment Isn't the right word, I was on the verge of messing myself!!! So he turned round saying "this must be a slightly older model, I can only read it but not remap it" how dissapointed did I feel at this point! turns out the next model year on is completely mappable - mine isn't, wish I'd gone for a slightly newer model!!

12-11-08, 16:45
hello fellas,

thanks for the kind comments!

im sloly realising no one really is 100% happy about there bus! theres always somthing they would change!

im going to sit down @ the weekend and get into my mind where im actualy going with my bus!

im sure i will love hate and love my t4!

lots more smoothing coming i expect!!

from bath? is there a good t4 secene around then?

12-11-08, 16:49
UMMMM... i'm totally happy with my bus...I:I:

12-11-08, 17:11
T: lucky buger lol

12-11-08, 17:11
from bath? is there a good t4 secene around then?

Not sure bud!! I've seen a couple of nice ones locally...

I've not been in to t4's for long but much more since I bought mine in Jan!

At the moment, I'm loving my bus! :cool: !! ( probs all down to its new 18" shoes )

12-11-08, 17:16
just had some good news, friend of mine (not one i see very often) has got a nice t4 im popping round to see him next week as he says he got loads of nice shiny t4 stuff for me to look at!

am i excited ummm humm!!!

i have seen a few nice t4's in the bath bristol area!

12-11-08, 17:19
Bout time you started getting excited bout your wagen tooI:I:


12-11-08, 17:29
Oh yeah... . can't get better than new shiny bits for your t4!!!

Is your mate on the forum?

12-11-08, 17:36
I Am Excited i just think becuase the weather is and i have to work outside in the cold by minds not set, but im slowly getting there now!

no i dont think so, ill het some pictures from him and post them up, his number plate ends in HOT and his van is hot!

il try get some pictures up!

12-11-08, 17:38

i know he has done ALL the work him self he is a hnady guy and i think his bus looks blooming great!

i look at it and think i could do that with my van!

what you think?

12-11-08, 18:01
You have a garage/workshop like that and you have tthe nerve to say "I don't know what to do" ! I wish I had your facilities. Get stuck in mate and lets see what you can do! Cheers (enviously) Tony.

12-11-08, 18:17
your mates van looks the nuts:ILU::ILU::ILU::ILU:
as for your van just go for it, pimp it like it deservesH:
the thing is, you can turn it into a proper head turner and not lose that much money if you do it right, and know enough people,
then sell it and fund a newer one
also that will give you more ideas about your ACTUAL dream vanT::ILU:

12-11-08, 19:01
this was done in a friends shed lockup workshop...only free maybe 1 weekend a month!

bummer.....QUOTE FROM ME

i wish, otherwise it would be top notch by now, im a kerb side man! on the drive way floor! :ILU:

although i have just convinced my old man to clear his out the garage so i can do some tinkering in there!

im just about to buy my self and air compressor..

why im not actualy quite sure...lol just always fancied one!

13-11-08, 18:10
i look at it and think i could do that with my van!

what you think?

That is a nice bus, and yeah, you could do that with yours, you could do anything with your van... there is no limit to creativity!! or some bul :c t like that :ILU:

Doing it on your drive is a bit tough tho'.... I'm with you on that, especially this time of year, but nothing some thermals and waterproofs can't sort out!!!!!

forget the compressor, buy a heat canon :D

13-11-08, 18:31
ha this is very true!

i even spent a few hours online looking for a pop up shed! not much luck and the wind would blow most of them away!

i finish work at 1-30 - 2pm next week will be nice to actualy see my van in the day light! :eek:

thermo's CHECK! cuppa tea CHECK!

progress is so slow in the winter months!

the Green Geko
13-11-08, 18:42

Why does he have 2 canon's sticking out the back is he expecting to run in to pirates LOL:LOL:LOL:

at first when i clicked on to your thread i thought that was your van cosha, i was like WOW :eek: he's being busy T: but as i read on, it's not :(

Looks like you defo have the bug, keep up the good work A:

13-11-08, 19:59
i know i know i wish it was mine!

does look proper mint! ill get there soon i hope! man i am really excited now! getting stuff up together... will be slow progress but ill get there!

wont get there kerb side building tho need to find me a lockup!

is the in thing to do a build log blog???

the Green Geko
13-11-08, 20:16
Just do yourselve a build thread in the workshop section like i did, well i did mine after my build........nothing wrong with kurb side builds A:

13-11-08, 20:35
i guess building kerb side is the raw way of making i guess! LOL: