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12-11-08, 11:59
:ILU:finaly got my van back after 7 weeks at insurers garage just to get locks changed after some gits break in and steal my dvd player and all my tunes (still not compensated for by insurers), get the van back and my engine dies, gutted, new engine fitted and now i just want to get away with my buddy for a couple of days in it. i was wondering if any of you guys had some recommendations for campsites on the coast in wales, are there any specific for campervans, just looking to chill somewhwere, im notlooking for an over-commercialized site, somewhere simple,
or do you know any good quiet spots i can rough it at, and maybe take some photos. :ILU:

12-11-08, 12:03
Hill end in Llangeneth? (Gower)

12-11-08, 12:22
nice one will check it out, thanks

12-11-08, 12:29
yep i know llangennith, surfed there when i was younger, are there any wildcamp spots nr hill end.

12-11-08, 16:26
can be ok to wild camp, think campsite is closed now. sometimes people are quick to shift you on Gower. People do wild camp sometimes on the lanes round gennith. should be ok this time of year. Awesome campsite tho is Beynon's up above Oxwich bay it's in Nicholaston, awesome showers etc. good folk. There is no better better view to wake up to!!!

12-11-08, 21:28
top end of promenade at barmouth