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Urgent Help Needed!!!!

13-11-08, 12:49
No one will insure me!!! I havnt got fitted water/gas yet so no one will touch me as a camper, and because ive foolishly been honest and told them that I have a fitted sofa/bed, storage and lights plus windows in all panels(as it was a window van) they wont touch me as a van either!! When I first started the conversion I got a quote agreed with a company, but they've now changed there mind and refused to insure it??!! Can someone please help as at the mo it seems like I cant actually get insured at all?!:(

13-11-08, 12:51
have you tried hic, have a look at there website, they should be able to find you something:D

13-11-08, 12:52
Have a look here mate there is probably someone on this thread who can help :ILU: https://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=4289&highlight=insurance

13-11-08, 14:13
Thanks alot chaps wish i'd asked on here first before ringing round :bhd, after repeating myself god knows how many times to loads of people who eventually told me no chance, I spoke to a very pleasant chap called James at HIC, who gave me an excellent price considering this is a new policy with zero no claims, thanks again fellas T:

13-11-08, 14:18
Failing that give Norwich Union a call. Although not the cheapest they seem to have no issues with conversions T:

16-11-08, 08:19
I did mine with just kampers and they where ok about the what had been done and the cost i thought was reasonable.

16-11-08, 08:35
Adrian Flux? They have been good to me! :)