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At last! Bargain on E Bay!

13-11-08, 15:51
It was advertised with a poxy picture and a description of 'Transit Windscreen Cover'

What arrived this morning was a 'Tailor-Made' thermal windscreen/side window cover! OK - it was designed for a Transit - bit it more or less fits perfectly - and for 5.50 I ain't going to complain!!

6 postage was a bit steep, but a total of 11.50 for something that retails at 80 is perhaps the best bargain I've ever had off E Bay!!


13-11-08, 15:57
You Found A Use For A Foed Part Good For You T:

13-11-08, 17:17
Good to know there's still the chance of a bargain on eBay. Nice one :ILU:

the Green Geko
13-11-08, 17:49
ebays a buys market at the moment, just poo if you want to sell anything :(

13-11-08, 18:30
well done!
I just used my 10% off voucher they sent me (runs out today) on rear disc brake arms and bits to upgrade from drums of powahhh. A handy saving. I needed to strike a balance between saving more money and spending money I didnt have......

ebays great if you buy wisely, dont get sucked into bidding wars and also sometimes take a punt.:ILU: